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Back in the Day

A Gentle Look Where I've Been

Maybe you weren’t even born when nurses wore distinctive caps and white uniforms.  

1990's KABC Eyewitness News logo  

When Eyewitness News
broke the TV news mold.

Or The Platters were a big deal 
in the world of R&B.  


And mini-skirts were a scandal.

I was around back then and here’s proof:

Some of my mates from Bellevue Class of
1959, the largest nursing class in history at the time.

Office? Clothes closet? Smoking cubicle?  
Just happy for my space in the newsroom.  1969


 Eyewitness News Gang making merry for a
promo in Central Park  1969

On the White House lawn shooting my report of
 Tricia Nixon's rose garden wedding   1971


Wonder who at The New York Times  wrote this headline?

Bring on the balloons, always Act One of election night live coverage.

Arthur Michell, en pointe,  talking about his Dance Theatre of Harlem


When NYC was graffitti city and African Influence on American Style aired on CH7's People, Places & Things.  1971

The Monday Night Football pre-game show, before Cosell, but with Frank Gifford and Don Meredith   1972

She sews, too!


Write what you know!  In a break from television news.


Two talking heads.  Governor Mario Cuomo
 on the right.

Good for crossing police barricades

A Words Matter  campaign rally  2008